WanderlustBy Sam Lepore

Subject: Finishers Wander - Finished
Date: Wed, 05 May 2004 18:25:15 -0700

May 4 - Ukiah, California

    There hasn't been much to report these last days. I find memories around almost every corner as I get closer. I occasionally catch myself thinking about things I will have to do when I get home, things to fix, people to contact. Then I force those thoughts away and watch for more memories. The southern Oregon coast gives way to the California border, and suddenly it just feels 'right'. Crossing back into "my California" is like turning into the long driveway at grandma's house on Thanksgiving morning. Of course it is raining slightly in Crescent City. I don't think I have EVER been in Crescent City that it hasn't rained. But on I go and by Eureka the skies are beginning to clear. My California is bright sun, a blue sky you only see in travel ads, and unhurried stillness in the Avenue of the Giants redwoods.
    The beginning of the Mayacmas Mountain range marks the transition from rugged national forest land to cultivation (not counting the cultivated forest, wink wink). Here is the finest vinicultural area in the world, and these two valleys, Sonoma and Alexander, produce my favorites. The hillside vines are settling into their business for the season. The wine cellar names are all familiar, many of which are in my cellar. So close to home. So close. But it is a long enough day. Hey! There's a Motel 6 :)

375 miles
Coos Bay US101 Ukiah


May 5 - home

    The Indian warrior would mount his steed and embrace the battle shouting "Today is a Good Day to Die!". I mount mine and embrace the last day of travel with: Today is a Good Day to Ride.

Slowly, now ...




130 miles
Ukiah US101 San Francisco

Sam Lepore, San Francisco

31 days
9593 miles total

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