Shane and Karen Smith's Mississippi Mudbug (Crawfish) Boil
April 1, 2000

It isn't clear, but the weather vane at the top of the post is a motorcycle.
Walter Andrews points the way for hostess Karen Smith.
A large front lawn ... the house is waaaay down in back.
The scene at the 'immediate' lawn. House is behind the tents.
All manner of riders fromall brands are welcome.
Jack Tollet explains to Jim Scott: "Now this over here is Texas ..."
Host Shane Smith smoking sausage, looks like the chief engineer at the little engine that could - and did.
Skert and Cindy are uncertain about the pile of boiled peanuts.
The Branson Bunny, Munching Munday.
At one point, Dave McQueeny, lower left (600,000 BMW miles), and Dave Swisher, not in photo (1,000,000 !! BMW miles), were looking over a map. Between them there isn't a road they haven't ridden.
Katherine Becker with the ghoul parts Sabre, risen from 'resting' parts bikes.
Jerry Clemmons, left, bows his head in reverence to "Mr. Bonus", Corky Reed.
My name is Jerry Clemmons. A long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long time ago I ran the Iron Butt.
Frank Glamser's plate.
Shamu. It can't be explained - you have to see it.
Corky Reed "works" on his new bike which he bought from Bill Boyd, the man with the tools in hand.
No, it's not a porn site.
Shane and Jeff Gordy cooking corn and potatoes.
If "a neat desk is the sign of a sick mind", you would have pity on Shane for the neatness of his garage - until you look over the work light. (Next photo)
Shane Smith, Registered Pharmacist
Lyle Grimes stirring gumbo in a dark garage.
Would you let that many people park and camp on YOUR lawn?
The neighborhood girls tended the soft bar. Jack was impressed.
Katherine Becker has a custom embroidered 'stich. And those are the braids she uses to whip B2 Bruce into shape.
In case you can't guess ... Bryce Ulrich is from the Seattle area.
It says it all.
Beginning to notice a pattern here?
Shane's ST ... a GPS III+ *and* a Street Pilot?
More work being done on Corky's helmet ... and notice he is nowhere near this time.
Steve Wilson makes the helmet fit.
Except for Katherine ... it made her hair stand on end.
The Branson Bunny is REDdy for his appearance next weekend.
Didn't get the names - took the picture of the aux fuel cell completely replacing the rear seat and color matched like a 'solo'.
There are so many electronics here, that the center box is a switch junction. (Seven switches across the top.)
Phyllis Lang and ? share a quiet corner ... yeah, right - right between the garage and the snack table. That's Shane's back 40 behind them.
A matched pair. :)
Mike Kneebone's bike.
Mike Kneebone's bike's rider, on right.
Like the phrase "where there's a will there's a way", usually where there is a Kneebone there is a No Way Bob Higdon.
Sameiro Sr. and Sameiro Jr.