The First (Annual?) Liars Storytelling
Westport, California

Some say the devil is in the details ...
some of the liars saw the Devil in the fire.

A quiet, sheltered, campground ... beside Wages Creek.
NOT quiet, harldy sheltered personalities ... beside Wages Creek.
You could see the smoke rising from the lies even before they lit the fire.
Why is it no one ever stands close to a liar in action? Here, Jim keeps the fire going with his burning commentary.
Joe Z. uses his finger to explain the rules. Rule 1: there are no rules.
Listmiester Joe, holding court, deserves a photo of his own.
Where in the Hell is Peter when Holley is telling his lie. (Notice again how everyone keeps a distance.)
There was enough chili that the group even fed some local guy who just wandered into the campground.
Some of those lies were so thick, you could see them piling up around a liars boots.
Making a good fart takes concentration.
Come to think of it ... we never did see that finger again.
Listmeister Joe, Peter, and Allan
Grant was reeeeealy focused on warming up.
Talk about "tired"! Kinda gives new meaning to the term 'slick willie' ...