Spring Fling 1999

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  Grant is the proud owner of the California LDRrider license plate.
Outside ...
in the ...
parking lot.
Inside at chow time.
Bear describes the map of Vancouver (shaped like a left hand).
Back outside, there was a leg show ...
And in this case, "LDR" means Long Distance Rig.
Not that anyone was shy about how he got there ...
Even if he was deperate enough to try another brand.
Notice! The original brand logo on his chest has been taped over.
Red duct tape is sooo stylish!
More than one way to "aux" a tank.
Some cockpits are so busy it makes you wonder if the rider has time to look at the road.
While some bikes are ridden by robots.
And some can pack the kitchen sink if they need.
Yes, it was a fun and friendly gathering.