IBMWR Jemez Lunch
May 1999, Los Alamos, New Mexico

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Cockpit in flight "In flight"

Dardanelles resort Dardanelles Resort on the way to Sonora Pass, CA Route 108.

8 feet of snow in May 8 FEET of snow not yet melted in May. Just around the corner is Sonora summit - 9,800 feet.

Old Route 66 Coming up old AZ Route 66 from Oatman.

R75 chopper Har(d)ley a BMW ... a R75 "chopper" at the Centaur Cycles breakfast.

Bikes at Centaur breakfast Bikes in the lot at the Centaur Cycles breakfast.

Inside Centaur Cyles Inside Centaur Cycles.

Jemez Mountains marker Jemez Mountains historic marker.

Picnic area Among the trees, with picnic building in background.

BOOF - the plate says it all Proud standard bearer of the Brotherhood Of Old Farts.

Bryan at work Bryan at work ... cooking.

Stomachs at work Lunch, at last ... but it didn't last long!

Group to left of IBMWR BannerGroup to right of IBMWR Banner Not having a panoramic lens, it took two shots to get the group to the left and the right of the IBMWR Banner.

View down the valley from Los AlamosLooking down the valley from Los Alamos. Typical New Mexico buttes ... a beaut of a view? :)

Plain before the gorge west of TaosRiding along the plain west of Taos, there is nothing to indicate the deep canyon ahead.

Sudden view of bridge Out of nowhere ... a bridge over muddled waters.

Looking down the Rio Grande 650 feet to splashdown, looking south.

Storm behind, over Taos 30 minutes before it was sunny and clear ... a storm consumes Taos.

The road descends to the Grand Ganyon The plateau above the gorge between Page and the Grand Canyon shows a typical Arizona road cut.

Navajo jewlery above Colorado Gorge Navajo jewelry on roadside just beyond road cut in previous picture. The Colorado River Gorge is below in the plain, and the distant hills are the North Rim Canyon area.

Sierra Nevada range Sierra Nevada at the California Border.